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If you’re looking for CCTV and security systems in Chester, Wrexham and North-Wales we’ve got you covered. We tailor-make systems to suit all from domestic and commercial to industrial environments. Our team will visit the premises to run through the many options that technology offers to build a complete system to fit the requirements. 

We only use world-leading branded equipment, ensuring reliability when needed the most. Whether you require a burglar alarm or CCTV, we can supply and install the best system inline with your budget.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for helpful advice and to run through your options and receive a free quote.

Our CCTV and security engineers cover Chester, Wrexham, North-Wales, Wirral and North-west England.

  • Wired burglar alarms
  • Wireless burglar alarms
  • Burglar alarm
  • Grade 1,2 and 3 burglar alarm systems
  • Remote notifications to smart devices
  • Alarm repairs
  • Alarm maintenance
  • CCTV maintenance
  • CCTV repairs
  • Domestic security systems
  • Analogue HD CCTV systems
  • IP CCTV systems
  • 4K CCTV systems
  • Real-time remote viewing
  • Remote notifications
  • Motion detection
  • Full colour night viewing
  • Advanced analytics to avoid false alarms
  • IT networks installation
  • Commercial security systems